Welcome to The New Mexico Woodwind Quintet

Currently 26 years old and according to D.S. Crafts of the Albuquerque Journal on 12-27-09, we are now famous for our auspicious interpretation and choice of color last summer! “…the now infamous ‘red shoes’ concert, a production of the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival held at the Kimo Theatre. Several members of the New Mexico Woodwind Quintet (comprised of players from the NMSO) appeared with sporty red shoes, which made almost as big an impression as their virtuosic interpretation of a Quintet by Villa-Lobos.”
The photo below was taken after our concert at the Historic Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales, New Mexico this past December. We were delighted to have Jesse Tatum, Kurt Civilette, and Toni Lipton (formerly bassoonist for the Metropolitan Opera) joined us for the occasion.

Other recent collaborations have included projects with the Chamber Music of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Public Schools and the Mountainaire School District, and the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program.
Since our concert debut in 1983, we are proud to have commissioned and premiered several compositions for woodwind quintet. In a continuation of this tradition, NMWQ performed Michael Mauldin’s “Canyon Light” at the International Flute Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Canyon Light” was written for NMWQ in 1989 and we are happy to announce that Mr. Mauldin has published a chamber music CD entitled “Earth Spirit” which includes an NMWQ concert performance of this piece. You can read more about Mr. Mauldin at his website: http://www.mmauldin.com/



Thanks for helping us keep NMWQ alive. Bien venidos!

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